Ted McKeever

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    The war of the worlds Author Diamond 2005 English
    Batman : Year 100 and other tales deluxe edition (Deluxe edition) Author Dc Comics 2015 English
    Pencil Head #3 Illustrator Image Comics 2016 English
    Pencil Head #4 Illustrator Image Comics 2016 English
    Transit Author Image Comics 2008 English
    Ted McKeever's Mondo Author Image Comics 2012 English
    Mondo Author Unspecified 2012 Unspecified
    The Superannuated Man Author Image Comics 2015 Unspecified
    Miniature Jesus Author Unspecified 2013 Unspecified
    Ted McKeevers's Meta 4 Author Unspecified 2011 Unspecified
    Metropol Author Image Comics 2009 English
    Transit - The Complete Series + The Lost Finale Illustrator Image Comics 2008 English
    Zombies!™: Feast - Il banchetto degli zombie Cover Artist Free books 2007 Italian
    Eddy Current Author Image Comics 2008 English
    Big book of horror Author Diamond 2006 English
    Batman - Das Geschäft des Bösen Colorist Carlsen Comics 1997 German
    Batman - Schwarz auf Weiss Illustrator Author Carlsen Comics 1997 German
    Batman - Maschinen Illustrator Author Carlsen Comics 1998 German
    Engines Part Two #75 Writer Illustrator DC Comics, Inc 1995 English
    Spider-Man & les Quatre Fantastiques #3 Illustrator Panini Comics 2002 French
    Alphabet City #18 Writer Illustrator Marvel Comics 2002 English
    Mikaal's Day: Sins Of The Child, Part Four #15 Colorist Dc Comics 1996 English
    Hellraiser - L'inferno di Clive Barker #3 (ITA) Illustrator Writer Play Press Publishing 1990 Italian

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