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Zander Cannon

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Star Trek,, the next generation omnibus Author Unspecified 2012 English
    Kaijumax. Season 3. King of the monstas Author ONI Press 2018 English
    Top 10 (Collected edition) Author America's Best Comics 2000 English
    Kaijumax. Season 2. The seamy underbelly Author ONI Press 2017 English
    Lucifer Book Five Author Dc Comics 2014 English
    Heck Author Top Shelf Productions 2013 English
    The Transformers. Bumblebee Author Unspecified 2010 English
    The Transformers : the IDW collection Author Unspecified 2010 English
    Star trek,, the next generation. Ghosts Author Unspecified 2010 English
    T-minus : the race to the moon Author Aladdin 2009 English
    Smax : from the pages of the hit series Top 10 Author America's Best Comics 2004 English
    Top 10 2 Author Dc Comics 2015 English
    Kaijumax,, season one : terror and respect (First edition) Author ONI Press 2016 English
    Smax : the adventurer Author Titan 2004 English
    Top ten. Vol. 2 Author Titan 2002 English
    Lucifer - Vespri Illustrator Planeta DeAgostini - Vertigo 2006 Italian
    Top ten. Book 2 Author Titan 2003 English
    Smax : the adventurer 2 Author Titan 2005 English
    Oni Press starter pack 2016 (First edition) Author ONI Press 2016 English
    Absolute top 10 Author Dc Comics 2013 English
    Top 10 Deluxe #2 Illustrator RW Lion 2016 Italian



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