Justice League of America

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Cover Comic Title Publisher Year Language
The world's greatest super-heroes DC Comics 2010 English
Official DC Super Hero Stamp Album: DC-AV1 Celebrity Stamps, INC 0 English
Infinite Crisis #1 Dc Comics 2005 English
"Redemption Lost, Part 2" #61 Dc Comics 2004 English
"Virtue, Vice & Pumpkin Pie" #54 Dc Comics 2004 English
A Flash of the Lightning #8 Dc Comics 1985 English
"The Prisoner of the Kryptonite Asteroid" #246 Dc Comics 1977 English
"The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado!" #64 Dc Comics 1968 English
Starro the Conqueror! #39 Dc Comics 1965 English
"Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two!" #46 Dc Comics 1966 English
"Earth -- Without a Justice League!" #37 Dc Comics 1965 English
"Crisis on Earth-A!" #38 Dc Comics 1965 English
Pesadilla de Verano Grupo Editorial Vid, S.A. 1998 Spanish
"T.O. Morrow Kills the Justice League - Today!" #65 Dc Comics 1968 English
"Thirteen Against the Earth!" #108 Dc Comics 1973 English
All Star Comics Revue Intercollegiate Press, INC 1977 English
"The Man Who Wiped Out Time!" #220 Dc Comics 1975 English
"Will the Real Wonder Woman Please...Drop Dead!" #222 Dc Comics 1976 English
Retreat to Tomorrow! #228 Dc Comics 1977 English
The Terrorist Dooms #244 Dc Comics 1978 English
"World of Enslaved Women!" #219 Dc Comics 1975 English
"Revolt of the Wonder Weapons" #218 Dc Comics 1975 English
"The Fiend with the Face of Glass!" #221 Dc Comics 1976 English
"Welcome Back to Life...Steve Trevor" #223 Dc Comics 1976 English
"Operation: Jail the Justice League!": C-41 Dc Comics 1976 English
"D-Day for Degaton" #4 Dc Comics 1985 English
"Living With Sin (Part I)" #1 Dc Comics 2007 English
All About the Justice League of America #14 Dc Comics 1977 English
"In the Beginning..." #53 Dc Comics 1978 English
The Titans Kill a Saint? #25 Dc Comics 1970 English
"Treachery" #423 Dc Comics 1972 English
Cleopatra Queen of America #171 Dc Comics 1975 English
"The Lightning Saga (Part IV of V) - Three Worlds #6 Dc Comics 2007 English
"The Lightning Saga, Part Two of Five: Dreams and Fire" #5 Dc Comics 2007 English
"One World, Under Gog (Part II): Wish Fulfillment" #17 Dc Comics 2008 English
"The Resurrection of Sinestro!, Part One: Stigmonus and Son" #21 Dc Comics 2002 English
"Crisis Times Five Part Two World Turned Upside Down" #29 Dc Comics 1999 English
"Power Trip, Part I of IV" #1 Dc Comics 2005 English