Mr. Terrific

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Cover Comic Title Publisher Year Language
"Fair Enough" #7 Dc Comics 2004 English
In Search of... #76 Dc Comics 2005 English
"Blinded" #53 Dc Comics 2003 English
"Paradox Play" #42 Dc Comics 2003 English
"Princes of Darkness Part 4: Army of Darkness" #49 Dc Comics 2003 English
"The JSA Returns, Part Four: Fair Play" #1 Dc Comics 1999 English
"The JSA Returns, Conclusion: Time's Arrow" #2 Dc Comics 1999 English
"The JSA Returns, Part One: Time's Keeper" #1 Dc Comics 1999 English
The Terrifics #1 Dc Comics 2018 Unspecified
"The Stormy Return of the Red Tornado!" #64 Dc Comics 1968 English
The Super-Crisis That Struck Earth-Two #55 Dc Comics 1967 English
The Murderer Among Us: Crisis Above Earth-One! #171 Dc Comics 1979 English
"The Negative-Crisis on Earths One-Two!" #56 Dc Comics 1967 English
"Earth -- Without a Justice League!" #37 Dc Comics 1965 English
"Crisis on Earth-A!" #38 Dc Comics 1965 English
"T.O. Morrow Kills the Justice League - Today!" #65 Dc Comics 1968 English
"And One of us Must Die!" #102 Dc Comics 1972 English
"The Hand That Shook The World!" #101 National Periodical Publications, Inc. 0 English
"Plastic Fantastic" #1 Dc Comics 1999 English
"Wonder Woman Arrives in Man's World": C-30 Dc Comics 0 English
"Ray Guns and Bug-Eyed Monsters" #2 Dc Comics 2004 English
"The Lurker in the Clouds" #3 Dc Comics 2004 English
"All in Color for a Dime!" #4 Dc Comics 2005 English
"Thunder and Lightning" #6 Dc Comics 2005 English
The War Has Been Cancelled #231 Dc Comics 1977 English
A Duel of Gods #232 Dc Comics 1977 English
"Thy Kingdom Come (Part VI) - The Good Fight" #15 Dc Comics 2008 English
"Bad Seed, Part Two: Hot Pursuit" #30 Dc Comics 2009 English
"Bad Seed, Part One: Fresh Meat" #29 Dc Comics 2009 English
"Bad Seed, Part Four: The Worth of a Hero" #32 Dc Comics 2009 English
"The Lightning Saga (Part IV of V) - Three Worlds #6 Dc Comics 2007 English
"One World, Under Gog (Part III): War Lords" #18 Dc Comics 2008 English
"The Dark Things, Epilogue: Emerald City" #43 Dc Comics 2010 English
"One World Under Gog, Part VI: Saints and Sinners" : 21 Dc Comics 2009 English
"Bad Seed, Part Three: New Blood, Old Blood, Spilled Blood" #31 Dc Comics 2009 English
"Bad Seed, Part Five: Split Up" #33 Dc Comics 2010 English
Blackest Night #1 Dc Comics 2009 English
"Mr. Horrific, Episode 2: Congressional Oversight" #30 Dc Comics 2007 English
"Double or Nothing, Conclusion: Busted!" #16 Dc Comics 2006 English