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David B.

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Black paths Author SelfMadeHero 2011 English
    Per gli oscuri sentieri Author Bao Publishing 2013 Italian
    Il mio miglior nemico Author Rizzoli Lizard 2012 Italian
    Hasib & the queen of serpents : a thousand and one nights tale Author Unspecified 2018 English
    Epileptic. Book 1 Author Fantagraphics 2002 English
    Il Re Rosa (ITA) Author Bao Publishing 2009 Italian
    Epileptic 2 Author Jonathan Cape 2006 English
    Babel 2 Author Fantagraphics 2016 English
    Urani la Città dei Brutti Sogni Illustrator Writer Macchia Nera Srl 2000 Italian
    Babel Author Fantagraphics 2008 English
    The littlest pirate king Author Fantagraphics 2010 English
    The armed garden and other stories Author Fantagraphics 2011 English
    Incidents in the night. Book 2 Author Uncivilized 2015 English
    Epileptic Author Jonathan Cape 2005 English
    Nocturnal conspiracies : nineteen dreams Author Turnaround 2009 English
    Il Grande Male Author Coconino Press - Fandango 2010 Italian
    Complotti Notturni Author Coconino Press 2008 Unspecified
    Il Cavallo Pallido Author Coconino Press - Fandango 2011 Italian
    Les incidents de la nuit (ITA) Author Coconino Press 2002 Italian
    Diario Italiano #1 Author Coconino Press - Fandango 2010 Italian
    BLACK underground: europa chiama america #1 Author Coconino Press 2001 Italian
    Animals #9 Author Coniglio Editore 2010 Italian
    Babel #1 (ITA) Author Coconino Press 2004 Italian
    Babel #2 (ITA) Author Coconino Press 2006 Italian
    La rivolta di Hopfrog e altre storie Writer Oblomov Edizioni 2017 Italian



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