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Gordon Rennie

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    Artistic production

    Comic Title Role Publisher Year Language
    Kal Jerico III : above and beyond Author Black Library 2003 English
    Missionary man Author Titan 2002 English
    Bloodquest : the eye of terror trilogy Author Black Library 2005 English
    The art of Kenny Who? Author Rebellion 2006 English
    Absalom : under a false flag Author Unspecified 2017 English
    Kal Jerico : underhive bounty hunter Author Black Library 2005 English
    White trash! (First edition) Author Titan Comics 2015 English
    Kal Jerico : contracts & agendas Author Games Workshop Publishing 2001 English
    Rogue Trooper. Realpolitik Author Rebellion 2006 English
    Necronauts Author Rebellion 2005 English
    Dishonored. The Wyrmwood deceit (First edition) Author Titan Comics 2016 English
    Gaze of the medusa. Vol. 1 (First edition) Author Titan Comics 2017 English
    Bloodquest Author Amalgamated Book Services 1999 English
    Bloodquest. Book 2. Into the eye of terror Author Black Library 2000 English
    The Carlos Ezquerra collection Author Rebellion 2007 English
    Sabbaticals Author Renegade 2015 English
    Deff Skwadron Author Black Library 2004 English
    Caballistics,, Inc. Creepshow Author Rebellion 2007 English
    Zavant 2 Author Black Library 2001 English
    Kal Jerico Author Games Workshop Publishing 2000 English
    Zavant Author Black Library 2002 English
    The life and times of Ulli & Marquand and their misadventures in Mordheim,, city of the damned Author Games Workshop Publishing 2002 English
    The 86ers Author Rebellion 2009 English
    Aquila: Blood of Iceni Author 2000 AD 2016 English
    Mean Machine : real mean Author Rebellion 2011 English
    Robbie Burns - witch hunter (First edition) Author Renegade 2014 English
    Beasts within (1st edition) Author Rebellion 2015 English
    Missionary Man. Bad moon rising Author Rebellion 2011 English
    Caballistics,, Inc. Going underground Author Rebellion 2006 English
    Kal Jerico 2 (Omnibus edition) Author Black Library 2011 English
    Blood of the Iceni (1st edition) Author Rebellion 2016 English
    Tharg's terror tales presents Necronauts & A love like blood Author Rebellion 2011 English
    Monsterology 101 Author Renegade Arts Canmore 2013 English
    Absalom. Ghosts of London Author Rebellion 2012 English
    Fighting American 2 Author Titan Comics 2018 English
    The book of blood Author Black Library 2010 English



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