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Akane Tendo

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Rumiko Takahashi

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Akane is a fiery young beauty. She doesn't like to be dominated or told how she should act or be. Most importantly, she is herself. Despite what some people would tell, Akane is a very complex person. She had different attitudes towards different peopleā€”to most, she would be a sweet, good-natured person with just a hint of a quick temper. To Ranma, though, she comes off as a man-hating, violent tomboy. First impressions are a big deal with her. Akane has a problem with acting feminine. This is because she's had very few female role models in her life, besides Kasumi, whom for a great many years Akane modeled herself after. Almost anything that the Japanese attribute to females: tea ceremony, gymnastics, etc., Akane struggles with. Even society's rules on how a girl should act in a relationship, she defies. Akane has lived in the Tendou Dojo with her two sisters and father all of her life. Her mother died when she was young, and therefore for most her childhood Akane was raised by her eldest sister, Kasumi, and her father, Soun.



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