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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
The vampires' ball Cinebook 2008 English
The seven dwarves Cinebook 2012 English
Bridge over the Mississippi Cinebook 2018 English
The empire of a thousand planets Cinebook 2011 English
Orphan of the stars Cinebook 2017 English
Valerian : the complete collection. Vol. 4 Cinebook 2018 English
Thirteen to one Cinebook 2011 English
Ghost hunt 2 Cinebook 2017 English
Yoko tsuno : the light of IXO. Vol. 13 Cinebook 2018 English
Crusade. Vol. 3. The master of machines Cinebook 2011 English
Deliverance Cinebook 2017 English
The one-armed knight Cinebook 2018 English
Who will stop cyanide? Cinebook 2017 English
The amulet of the great pyramid Cinebook 2015 English
The painter Cinebook 2015 English
The 20th Cavalry Cinebook 2010 English
See Venice-- Cinebook 2010 English
Duel Cinebook 2014 English
The testament of William S Cinebook 2016 English
Betelgeuse Cinebook 2009 English
Antares. Episode 5 Cinebook 2014 English
Doc Doxey's elixir Cinebook 2012 English
Ogotai's crown Cinebook 2012 English
The three eyes of the guardians of the Tao Cinebook 2013 English
The mask of truth Cinebook 2013 English
Yakari and Nanabozho Cinebook 2013 English
Ambassador of the shadows Cinebook 2013 English
The Francis Blake affair Cinebook 2008 English
The inconvenience of being dead Cinebook 2008 English
The land without stars Cinebook 2012 English
The archers Cinebook 2008 English
The Daltons,, always on the run Cinebook 2012 English
The fall of Babylon Cinebook 2012 English
Arachnea Cinebook 2015 English
The blue plague Cinebook 2016 English
The stagecoach Cinebook 2010 English
The trial Cinebook 2012 English
Tough luck Vito Cinebook 2015 English
Bodyguards Cinebook 2015 English
Legends of the West Cinebook 2016 English
The Afghan trap Cinebook 2010 English
The curious trio Cinebook 2012 English
The beautiful province Cinebook 2015 English
An impossible ransom Cinebook 2015 English
Professor Satō's three formulae : Mortimer in Tokyo Cinebook 2016 English
Spirou in New York Cinebook 2010 English
The clan of the shark Cinebook 2015 English
The Daltons in the blizzard Cinebook 2009 English
Crusade. Vol. 1. Simoun Dja Cinebook 2010 English
No-fly zone Cinebook 2014 English
Malevolence and mandrake Cinebook 2009 English
Dick Digger's gold mine Cinebook 2014 English
H Cinebook 2009 English
Iznogoud and the jigsaw Turk Cinebook 2014 English
Memories from the futures Cinebook 2018 English
The kid Cinebook 2018 English
The red prince Cinebook 2018 English
Belle Starr Cinebook 2018 English
The holy valley Cinebook 2010 English
Valley of the exiles Cinebook 2013 English
The corrupter Cinebook 2010 English
Hot and cold Cinebook 2013 English
A mole in D.C Cinebook 2013 English
Slaves Cinebook 2013 English
Iznogoud and the magic computer Cinebook 2009 English
The dragon of Hong Kong Cinebook 2010 English
The encoder Cinebook 2016 English
The dashing white cowboy 3 Cinebook 2008 English
The escort Cinebook 2009 English
Bride of Lucky Luke Cinebook 2016 English
Clifton. Kidnapping Cinebook 2009 English
The three suns of Vinea Cinebook 2016 English
Love potions Cinebook 2009 English
Three silver watches Cinebook 2012 English
Professor Satō's three formulae. Part 2. Mortimer versus Mortimer Cinebook 2016 English
On the Dalton's trail Cinebook 2009 English
Death of a beast Cinebook 2012 English
Adventure down under Cinebook 2009 English
The class struggle Cinebook 2010 English
Shadow Cinebook 2011 English
The machine gunners' ball Cinebook 2014 English
The curse of the 30 pieces of silver. Part 2. The gate of Orpheus Cinebook 2012 English
Encounters 2 Cinebook 2015 English
The Grand Vizier Iznogoud Cinebook 2012 English
Glee Cinebook 2015 English
Clear blue tomorrows Cinebook 2016 English
Your answers or your life! Cinebook 2008 English
The Daltons redeem themselves Cinebook 2012 English
The black gold war Cinebook 2015 English
On the frontiers Cinebook 2016 English
Western circus 4 Cinebook 2008 English
Aldebaran Cinebook 2008 English
Iznogoud and the magic carpet Cinebook 2010 English
The cursed ranch Cinebook 2016 English
The judge Cinebook 2010 English
The secret of the Swordfish. Part 1 Cinebook 2013 English
The sun sword Cinebook 2011 English
The man from Washington Cinebook 2013 English
The circles of power Cinebook 2017 English
The Daltons' escape Cinebook 2011 English
Hostages of Ultralum Cinebook 2017 English
The wicked wiles of Iznogoud Cinebook 2008 English
The morning of the world Cinebook 2011 English
Rockets to stardom Cinebook 2011 English
Namibia. Episode 5 Cinebook 2017 English
In the corner! Cinebook 2007 English
The vampire from the marshes Cinebook 2008 English
The Grand Duke Cinebook 2011 English
Game of fools Cinebook 2011 English
Sarah Bernhardt Cinebook 2017 English
Alone. Vol. 7. The lowlands Cinebook 2017 English
Valerian : the complete collection. Vol. 2 Cinebook 2017 English
Ma Dalton 2 Cinebook 2007 English
Black moon Cinebook 2007 English
The heir : The Group W Cinebook 2008 English
Silicia, Inc (I.R.$) Cinebook 2010 English
Antares Cinebook 2011 English
The wedding crashers Cinebook 2017 English
Valerian : the complete collection. Vol. 3 Cinebook 2017 English
Latitude 59 degrees north Cinebook 2010 English
Mind the goof! Cinebook 2017 English
Max 3 Cinebook 2018 English
High-risk class Cinebook 2008 English
Black cobra Cinebook 2018 English
Robertsonville Prison Cinebook 2008 English
Dual nature Cinebook 2013 English
The kingdom beneath the sand 2 Cinebook 2018 English
The wind in the willows 3 Cinebook 2005 English
The Irish version Cinebook 2013 English
Red-hot wrath Cinebook 2014 English
The Providence Cinebook 2016 English
The forge of Vulcan Cinebook 2014 English
The ghosts of Inverloch Cinebook 2016 English
Elementary,, my dear Clifton Cinebook 2014 English
Bowler hat and faery-cane Cinebook 2015 English
Grandpa dives in Cinebook 2015 English
The order of the stones Cinebook 2017 English
Jade Cinebook 2008 English
Nitroglycerin Cinebook 2015 English
The time opener Cinebook 2017 English
Z is for Zorglub Cinebook 2017 English
The Jason Fly case Cinebook 2011 English
The Marsupilami's tail Cinebook 2017 English
I want to be caliph instead of the caliph Cinebook 2016 English
Bamboo baby blues Cinebook 2017 English
Namibia. Episode 4 Cinebook 2017 English
Bronco Benny Cinebook 2013 English
The Isle of Brac Cinebook 2015 English
Child of the stars Cinebook 2007 English
Thunder over the Cordillera Cinebook 2015 English
The red cairns Cinebook 2015 English
The dictator and the mushroom Cinebook 2015 English
The vengeance Cinebook 2017 English
The chamber of cheops Cinebook 2017 English
The first gallop Cinebook 2017 English
The price of money Cinebook 2012 English
Crusade. Vol. 4. The fire breaks Cinebook 2012 English
Welcome to Alflolol Cinebook 2012 English
Ghost town Cinebook 2006 English
Daughter of the wind Cinebook 2009 English
Orbital. 2. Ruptures Cinebook 2009 English
Release the hounds! Cinebook 2012 English
The bait Cinebook 2015 English
Antares. Episode 6 Cinebook 2015 English
The chimpanzee complex Cinebook 2009 English
The sarcophagi of the sixth continent. Part 2. Battle of the spirits Cinebook 2011 English
The Septimus wave Cinebook 2015 English
The contract Cinebook 2015 English
Lady Gerfaut Cinebook 2015 English
The skyriders Cinebook 2010 English
The great burrow Cinebook 2015 English
The affair of the necklace Cinebook 2010 English
The master of knives Cinebook 2014 English
Taxing trails : The Hagen strategy Cinebook 2008 English
Lucky Luke versus the Pinkertons Cinebook 2011 English
Namibia. Episode 3 Cinebook 2016 English
Yakari and the stranger Cinebook 2007 English
In uncertain times Cinebook 2017 English
Papyrus : the Rameses' revenge Cinebook 2007 English
Iznogoud's nightmares Cinebook 2017 English
The mystery of the great pyramid. Part 1. The papyrus of Manethon Cinebook 2007 English
The promised land Cinebook 2017 English
Dalton City 4 Cinebook 2006 English
Jesse James 4 Cinebook 2006 English
Yakari and Great Eagle Cinebook 2005 English
My dear Wilkinson Cinebook 2005 English
Emperor Smith Cinebook 2010 English
Yakari and the white fleece Cinebook 2010 English
It's a dog's life 2 Cinebook 2013 English
Shingouzlooz Inc Cinebook 2018 English
The laughing thief Cinebook 2005 English
A carrot for Iznogoud Cinebook 2010 English
The evil mummies Cinebook 2010 English
SPADS Cinebook 2010 English
The clockmaker and the comet Cinebook 2018 English
The Scorpion. The devil in the Vatican Cinebook 2009 English
The master of the mountains Cinebook 2010 English
Long John Silver Cinebook 2010 English
Perfect child Cinebook 2016 English
The wrong head Cinebook 2016 English
Jason McLane's inheritance Cinebook 2018 English
Yakari and the coyote Cinebook 2011 English
The knight in the crypt Cinebook 2016 English
Daisy Town Cinebook 2016 English
Queen Margot. Vol. 3. Endangered love Cinebook 2008 English
The ballad of the Daltons and other stories Cinebook 2016 English
Blue ice Cinebook 2009 English
The wagon train Cinebook 2008 English
The strange encounter Cinebook 2009 English
In the name of the son Cinebook 2014 English
A spoonful of style and a tonne of class! Cinebook 2008 English
Aberrations Cinebook 2015 English
Beyond the shadows Cinebook 2008 English
Buddy's gang Cinebook 2016 English
The day of the Mayflower Cinebook 2014 English
A million winters Cinebook 2016 English
The bounty hunter Cinebook 2010 English
Orbital. 4. Ravages Cinebook 2011 English
Portuguese medley Cinebook 2014 English
Crusade. Vol. 2. Qa'dj Cinebook 2011 English
Siobhan Cinebook 2013 English
Golden Gate Cinebook 2011 English
The mission 2 Cinebook 2013 English
El santero Cinebook 2013 English
The treasure of the Templars Cinebook 2010 English
The bonds of friendship Cinebook 2011 English
The survivors. Episode 3. Quantum anomalies Cinebook 2016 English
Missing in action Cinebook 2017 English
All the tears of hell Cinebook 2010 English
Ducoboo : king of the dunces Cinebook 2006 English
Spirou in Moscow Cinebook 2014 English
The Pony Express Cinebook 2014 English
The Gondwana shrine Cinebook 2011 English
The vanishing Cinebook 2014 English
Orbital. 3. Nomads Cinebook 2011 English
What got into him? Cinebook 2011 English
Western Cinebook 2011 English
The singing wire Cinebook 2012 English
Revolts Cinebook 2015 English
7 days to die Cinebook 2005 English
Friends first Cinebook 2012 English
Rodeo Cinebook 2015 English
The mystery of the great pyramid. Part 2. The chamber of Horus Cinebook 2008 English
The curse of the 30 pieces of silver. Part 1. The scroll of Nicodemus Cinebook 2012 English
Iznogoud's fairy tale Cinebook 2015 English
Resistance 2 Cinebook 2015 English
At the edge of the great void Cinebook 2017 English
Under a western sky Cinebook 2015 English
Lucky Luke : the complete collection. Volume 1 Cinebook 2017 English
Iznogoud the infamous Cinebook 2011 English
Rain of blood Cinebook 2014 English
Implosion Cinebook 2017 English
Tales of the full moon Cinebook 2014 English
Heroes of the equinox 2 Cinebook 2014 English
Message for eternity Cinebook 2014 English
The time trap Cinebook 2014 English
Justice 4 Cinebook 2013 English
Nigel Cinebook 2014 English
The Bluefeet are coming Cinebook 2013 English
The secret of the Swordfish. Part 3. SX1 strikes back Cinebook 2013 English
The falcon temple Cinebook 2017 English
The rivals of Painful Gulch Cinebook 2008 English
The martyr's message Cinebook 2017 English
The Caliph's vacation Cinebook 2008 English
The Daily Star Cinebook 2013 English
The titans 2 Cinebook 2017 English
The devil's mark Cinebook 2008 English
The secret of the Swordfish. Part 2. Mortimer's escape Cinebook 2013 English
Valerian : the complete collection. Vol. 1 Cinebook 2017 English
The survivors. Episode 5 Cinebook 2017 English
After man Cinebook 2014 English
The mongoose Cinebook 2014 English
The Daltons' amnesia Cinebook 2014 English
The faeriehood Cinebook 2014 English
Crossing paths Cinebook 2014 English
The survivors : quantum anomalies. Episode 2 Cinebook 2015 English
Châtelet Station : destination Cassiopeia Cinebook 2015 English
Valerian : the complete collection. Vol. 5 Cinebook 2018 English
The cage Cinebook 2014 English
Auld lang blue Cinebook 2015 English
Lucky Luke. Volume 69. Kid lucky Cinebook 2018 English
Who do you think you are? Cinebook 2009 English
Blackmore Cinebook 2014 English
Robot hunters Cinebook 2015 English
Sir Jason Cinebook 2018 English
Orbital. 1. Scars Cinebook 2009 English
For Maria Cinebook 2011 English
Maximilian's gold Cinebook 2012 English
Tying the knot Cinebook 2014 English
Kyle of Klanach Cinebook 2016 English
The beast Cinebook 2016 English
The yellow 'M' Cinebook 2007 English
The time spiral Cinebook 2008 English
Corporate America Cinebook 2014 English
Return to Green Falls Cinebook 2016 English
The fourth dimension and a half Cinebook 2016 English
Lovable dunce Cinebook 2016 English
The blues in black and white Cinebook 2017 English
The survivors : quantum anomalies. Episode 1 Cinebook 2014 English
Apparitions Cinebook 2014 English
The Dalton cousins Cinebook 2011 English
The night of August third Cinebook 2011 English
The Marsupilami thieves Cinebook 2013 English
The invisible fortress Cinebook 2011 English
Lone riders Cinebook 2013 English
Alone. 5. Eye of the maelstrom Cinebook 2016 English
Rails on the prairie Cinebook 2011 English
Top secret Cinebook 2012 English
Ambassador of the shadows 2 Cinebook 2016 English
In the name of the father Cinebook 2012 English
The Black Virgin Cinebook 2015 English
The black hills Cinebook 2009 English
Illusions Cinebook 2015 English
Tutankhamun : the assassinated pharaoh Cinebook 2009 English
Arizona : and,, Lucky Luke versus Cigarette Cesar Cinebook 2015 English
Night of the serpent Cinebook 2009 English
The hour of the tiger Cinebook 2009 English
Takeover bid on the Kremlin Cinebook 2015 English
Wolves' wages Cinebook 2009 English
The city of shifting waters Cinebook 2010 English
The angel's shadow Cinebook 2013 English
Sanctions Cinebook 2014 English
Where the Indian walks Cinebook 2010 English
The way and the virtue Cinebook 2013 English
The blues in the mud Cinebook 2014 English
The list 2 Cinebook 2010 English
The betrayal Cinebook 2014 English
Apache canyon Cinebook 2009 English
The 46th state Cinebook 2014 English
The Voronov plot Cinebook 2010 English
Bored silly with Billy Cinebook 2010 English
The guardian of the keys Cinebook 2010 English
Phil Wire Cinebook 2013 English
Century club Cinebook 2012 English
Giants 2 Cinebook 2013 English
Little Thunder's secret Cinebook 2014 English
It's a Van Goof! Cinebook 2017 English
Lucky Luke versus Pat Poker Cinebook 2013 English
Lucky Luke versus Joss Jamon Cinebook 2011 English
Iznogoud and the day of misrule Cinebook 2009 English
The dragons of Beijing Cinebook 2017 English
The land of Qa Cinebook 2009 English
The Oklahoma land rush Cinebook 2009 English
Pandora's box Cinebook 2009 English
The Navy blues Cinebook 2009 English
Namibia. Episode 2 Cinebook 2016 English
Cannibals Cinebook 2016 English
The three elders of Aran Cinebook 2007 English
Ghost squadron Cinebook 2012 English
20 seconds Cinebook 2014 English
Barbed wire on the prairie Cinebook 2007 English
Tortillas for the Daltons Cinebook 2008 English
Fingers Cinebook 2012 English
On the edge of life Cinebook 2007 English
Imhotep's transformation Cinebook 2008 English
Cold black sea Cinebook 2014 English
The rugger boys : why are we here again? Cinebook 2007 English
On the false Earths Cinebook 2014 English
The oath of the five lords Cinebook 2014 English
Scars Cinebook 2014 English
The last round Cinebook 2013 English
Virus 3 Cinebook 2016 English
The Daltons' stash Cinebook 2016 English
City of the lost god Cinebook 2009 English
Birds of the master Cinebook 2013 English
Dad's got class Cinebook 2009 English
S.O.S. meteors : Mortimer in Paris Cinebook 2009 English
Atlantis mystery Cinebook 2012 English
Rumberley Cinebook 2012 English
Dungeons and dragons Cinebook 2015 English
Megan Cinebook 2015 English
The anger of the great Sphinx Cinebook 2012 English
Brooklyn Line,, terminus cosmos Cinebook 2015 English
Running scared Cinebook 2012 English
Plutarch's staff Cinebook 2015 English
Seven stories Cinebook 2014 English
The prey and the ghost Cinebook 2008 English
The survivor Cinebook 2016 English
Takeover bid Cinebook 2008 English
The exchange Cinebook 2008 English
Yakari and the grizzly Cinebook 2006 English
The rhinoceros' horn Cinebook 2014 English
Calamity Jane Cinebook 2007 English
Eros and Thanatos Cinebook 2016 English
In the shadow of the derricks Cinebook 2007 English
Halloween Cinebook 2007 English
The River of Forgetfulness Cinebook 2012 English
The devil's organ Cinebook 2013 English
The living weapons Cinebook 2016 English
Hocus pocus Cinebook 2007 English
Iznogoud the relentless Cinebook 2013 English
The wrath of hypsis Cinebook 2016 English
The island prisoners Cinebook 2009 English
El padre Cinebook 2016 English
Mystery in Antarctica Cinebook 2016 English
Seth Cinebook 2016 English
El Cascador Cinebook 2011 English
Destination gulag Cinebook 2016 English
Namibia. Episode 1 Cinebook 2016 English
Yakari in the land of wolves Cinebook 2008 English
Spitfire parade Cinebook 2008 English
Here's to Suzie! Cinebook 2008 English
The fascinating Madame Tussaud Cinebook 2007 English
Remember this,, Buddy? Cinebook 2009 English
In the shadow of the beast Cinebook 2010 English
The sunken church Cinebook 2017 English
Chechen guerilla Cinebook 2009 English
A cure for the Daltons Cinebook 2010 English
The kingdom beneath the sand Cinebook 2017 English
Queen Margot. Vol. 2. Bloody wedding Cinebook 2007 English
--and die Cinebook 2010 English
Wolf cub Cinebook 2010 English
The law of the dollar Cinebook 2012 English
The survivors. Episode 4 Cinebook 2017 English
Queen Margot. Vol. 1. The age of innocence Cinebook 2006 English
Missiles for Islamabad Cinebook 2010 English
Billy the Kid Cinebook 2006 English
The day of the black sun Cinebook 2010 English
Full red Cinebook 2011 English
The last templar Cinebook 2018 English
The greenhorn Cinebook 2011 English
The one-armed bandit Cinebook 2012 English
The arena Cinebook 2018 English
The sarcophagi of the sixth continent. Part 1 Cinebook 2011 English
Clowning around Cinebook 2014 English
Cossack circus Cinebook 2018 English
Outlaws 2 Cinebook 2014 English
The brand of the exiles Cinebook 2012 English
Interventions Cinebook 2015 English
It's ugly out there Cinebook 2010 English
The eye of the celts Cinebook 2011 English
The tenderfoot 2 Cinebook 2008 English
The secrets of the Black Sea Cinebook 2010 English
Operation Montecristo Cinebook 2012 English