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Comic Title Publisher Year Language
Brother Sebastian Souvenir 1962 English
Paprika : a collection of cartoons by several of Hungary's leading humorists Souvenir 1959 English
My God Souvenir 1970 English
Terribly English : a guide for curious natives and baffled visitors Souvenir 2012 English
Hoffnung's acoustics Souvenir 1983 English
Hoffnung's musical chairs Souvenir 1983 English
The Hoffnung music festival Souvenir 1983 English
The Hoffnung companion to music : in alphabetical order Souvenir 1983 English
The Hoffnung symphony orchestra Souvenir 1983 English
The maestro 2 Souvenir 1983 English
The joy of frogs Souvenir 1984 English
Besley's Britain : your good holiday guide Souvenir 1984 English
Hoffnung's humoresque Souvenir 1984 English
Hoffnung in harmony Souvenir 1985 English
Love,, sweet love Souvenir 1986 English
Dog almighty! Souvenir 1986 English
Searle's cats (New and revised edition) Souvenir 1987 English
Dog help us! Souvenir 1987 English
Ronald Searle's non-sexist dictionary Souvenir 1988 English
Meals on wheel : a handbook on food and drink made simple! Souvenir 1989 English
Slightly foxed - but still desirable Souvenir 1989 English
For dog's sake Souvenir 1990 English
The only good bank manager is Souvenir 1991 English
Christmas again,, already Souvenir 2000 English
Sleeping partners : Cracker and Micky : two dogs with a tale Souvenir 2001 English
Puppy dogs' tales Souvenir 2002 English
Searle's cats 3 (New and expanded edition) Souvenir 2005 English
Bad dog,, no biscuit Souvenir 2013 English
Draw your own cartoons with Rolf Harris Souvenir 1998 English
Lets compromise and say I'm right : Calman on love & relationships Souvenir 2015 English
The golden years of Ginger Meggs,, 1921_1952 Souvenir 1978 English



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